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Full text of "Botborg - Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography"

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As outlined by Dr Arkady Botborger 

1. "Reality" or "The universe" is much simpler that v 
What we perceive as reality is, in fact an infinitely 
interacting, self-perpetuating vibrations whose upper and lower reaches lie f 
beyond our perceptual capabilities. Due to the separation of our senses, w 
do not readily perceive that light and sound are simply different frequency 
ranges in this single syster 

2. This information is then further filtered through our own linguistic ce 
trapping us in a self-referential system where by the same technology si 
as both map and compass. Our nervous system currently favours a mode 
operation which routes almost all sensory information through these ce 
but is at no time giving us complete information. Our capacity for experi 
however, exceeds our capacity for linguistic description of that experiei 
leaving us with a space which we try to fill with phrases sue 
"indescribable" or "beyond words". 

3. Through use of the photosonicneurokinaesthetograph, the unity of light an 
sound can be made apparent in a form which bypasses linguistic centre; 
forcing deeper neural connections between auditory and visual cortices, an 
through repeated application, a great expansion in the bandwidth of one 

The Pho 


The images and sound on this disc were produced in real-time by Botbor 
using a photosonicneurokinaesthetograph (pnkg). The pnkg is a syste 
whereby light and sound are forced into a self-feeding interaction. Throuc 
transformative processes in which light becomes sound, and vice versa, th 
conditioned response of the viewer to separate information into its separat 
sensory streams is disrupted. Likewise, through the avoidance of linguist 
constructs such as representationalism, melody, and obvious causality in th_ 
flow of sound and image, the routing of information to language centres is 
also disrupted, forcing the brain to open new neural pathways in order t 
make sense of the information it is receiving. 

Disclaimer #1 

Persons who may be prone to photosensitive seizures should exercise c 

when viewing this disc. 

Disclaimer #2 

Due to the imperfect nature of current technology, the frame rates and coloi 
intensity of a live demonstration of the pnkg cannot be accurately capture* 
The recordings on this disc are the best quality available to date. 

• • 


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ercise! caution